healing - reading - coaching

Solve your problems, activate your personal power and live as you intended to: with joy, vitality and more freedom.

Are you moving through life as a robot on repeat? Fulfilling everyone else’s needs and wants, feeling tired, stuck, unseen and hollow? 

How about riding the waves of this great transformational era, instead of slowly s(l)inking away?

Now is the time to create your unique self expressed beautiful life!

Here is how

For over 20 years I have guided my clients through various powerful modalities to discover and shift hidden obstacles preventing my clients from living an inspired life with meaning. I’ve supported thousands of people in improving their health, quality of life and relationships and in creating clarity about steps to take to achieve their goals and dreams.

‘Healing’ I consider a strange word in this context as I believe there is inherently nothing wrong with us: we are divine beings occupying a human body. We have just gotten too entangled with our human experience.

‘Healing’ in this context means helping you shift energetically so that your humanity is more aligned with your divinity. It also means untangling the implications of decisions you have made in the past and possibly over many lifetimes.

Healing prevents the past from reoccurring. Reading provides clarity to the things currently outside of your observation/understanding and Coaching is about creating your future. Through this powerful combination you can start transforming your life immediately.

You can also learn more about your divinity through a Soul Realignment reading. Finding out who you really are as a Soul can give you important clues about your life.

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