My Story...

As long as I remember I have been fascinated by spirituality, health and well-being, already researching these topics when I was 11 years old. From my mid-twenties, I followed an intensive path of growth, intuitive development, self-inquiry and healing, learning many skills and modalities that I kept applying to myself.

Like most of us I had my fair share of difficult situations and relationships and through applying what I knew I managed to crawl out of some stuck and dark places and became a stronger, more compassionate and understanding person.

Slowly but surely I started understanding more about us as human beings, and about us as spiritual beings. Two very different things.

Living more from a place of unconditional love, inner wisdom and intuition, I deepened my understanding and abilities of energy-healing and -reading with high frequencies and grounded those skills with a thorough understanding of coaching and counselling so that I could facilitate deep transformation in others.

I see us as spiritual beings, living in a physical world: choosing to be here grounding our Divinity in a physical life to experience ourselves through love, creation and beauty. 

For over 20 years I have been working with clients, using various coaching and healing modalities to support their physical and emotional healing, personal growth and spiritual awakening so that they too can create a life that expresses who they are.

I have specialised training and ongoing education in several coaching and healing modalities and have accreditation in Journey Healing©, Visionary Leadership Coaching©, Soul Realignment©, Law of Attraction Coaching©, Energy Healing and Reading, Reiki, Yoga Teacher Training and more. I have diplomas in Counselling, Coaching, Personal Training, Remedial Massage and Reflexology.