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Frequently asked questions

When we talk and connect I usually start receiving more in-depth information, which I will convey. When appropriate I help you shift energy through energy healing, often while channelling and using light-language. 

As we live in a physical body and world we then discuss how to bring what you’ve learned and shifted into your reality so you can move forward towards your desired life.

I have been guiding people for over 20 years, using a myriad of modalities. 

Trying to figure things out by yourself or doing group work will only take you so far as often we can’t see the forest for the trees anymore: we are too close to our own situation. 

A non-judgemental objective approach from someone who is solely focused on you will give you a different and unbiased perspective. Coupled with energetic intuitive guidance and extensive experience you will be getting the practical guidance that will finally make the difference.

These readings are very different: I prepare (Akashic Record*) reading sessions beforehand and present them via a call over wifi: that way I can record the reading for you and you don’t have to take notes and can be fully present.

I will present specific information about who you are as a Soul, and what your gifts and talents are (these might be very different than you think!). You will also find out what past and present life patterns and decisions are creating blocks in your life now, and more importantly: what to do about it.

During the session we dive into how to implement this knowledge about yourself in your life, so you’ll come away with tangible steps.

Ongoing coaching sessions can support you in implementing new steps, and fine-tuning where necessary. Some people prefer longer coaching sessions, others short check-in moments. 

During these ongoing coaching sessions, I also read intuitively, get assistance from your guides and help you shift energetic blocks, where appropriate.

*Akashic Records: an energetic database that holds information about who you are as a Soul, including past choices and current consequences that influence your life today.

I suggest clearing your schedule an hour before and a few hours after your sessions as you might want to take action, journal and integrate what you have learned and/or shifted. At the very least you want to have some time by yourself after the sessions.

In between sessions, you will be taking steps to change your life; how much time that takes is highly individual and depends of course on your life circumstances. Some things take time, others not so much.

I have specialised training and ongoing education in several coaching and healing modalities and have accreditation in Journey Healing©, Visionary Leadership Coaching©, Soul Realignment©, Law of Attraction Coaching©, Energy Healing and Reading, Reiki, Yoga Teacher Training and more.

I have diplomas in Counselling, Coaching, Personal Training, Remedial Massage and Reflexology.

(And a certificate in snake-catching! 🙂