Finding Freedom - Spiritual & Practical Roadmap For A Life On Your Terms

Welcome! I am so happy that you made it here! I know how time-poor you probably are and I really value the time you take to dive into this topic with me, so I promise you to keep it as short as I can.

You will find out how you can find peace and deep satisfaction in life and how to create a life of freedom. A life with time to fulfil your deep inner dreams.

You will also discover the one necessary key to unlock your spiritual potential in everyday life and why that is so important, what NOT to engage in to discover your unique purpose and the one thing you absolutely need to possess to create true freedom in life.


You have carefully crafted a life you thought you’d love, but you find yourself restricted within your current circumstances.

It may all look pretty good from the outside, but inside you feel often unhappy, definitely not satisfied and you have no idea how to shift out of this ‘self-imposed mess’.

You are exhausted, taking care of everyone else’s needs and by the end of the day you feel empty and as if your life is not your own. You may be depending on your job, a partner and/or the bank. You are surviving, not thriving.

Deep within you feel that there is more to life and that you are here for something bigger. Your passion is personal development and spiritual growth but you have invested in so many things and you are still in pretty much the same situation, that you feel a bit lost as to what can possibly shift your circumstances.

Sometimes you pick up a drifting thought about if there actually is more to life, wonderING if this is really it…

You totally get that it’s your responsibility to create the life you want, but at the same time you feel locked in by obligations and expectations and you don’t want to create chaos and uproot the lives of the people that you love.

You had big dreams once in life, but now you feel worn out, dreading getting up for another day and you feel under-appreciated and under-valued.

Basically, you feel cornered by life’s demands with no room for the dreams and desires that are held deep within. You feel invisible, as if you are slowly sinking, and less and less you.

If this is you: I totally get it, I have been there too. But I am not anymore: so let’s dive in straight away because there is a way out which is definitely not a hard one, and it does not require you to add more to your busy life!

So: what is the key to unlocking your spiritual potential so that everyday life becomes deeply satisfying, and why is that important?

Firstly, let’s talk about what a satisfying life is, so we are at the same pace.

Most of us yearn for more time in our life (even more than money). Time to do nothing and feel at peace, without the urge to ‘have to do’ something that we ‘should be doing’. Time to do the things we absolutely love.

We often feel that we have a purpose, and even if we don’t know what that is, we still want a life that has meaning. A life that makes more sense than running from one obligation to the next commitment. Living life on our terms means that we can make choices that make us happy.

A satisfying life is a life with the space and freedom and courage to change direction at any stage in our life, especially when we have outgrown the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Creating a life that we absolutely love: purposeful, with plenty of time to do whatever we want.

Adventure, independence, self-worth, meaningful relationships, vitality, and greater intuition all create deep satisfaction that fills our hearts with love, peace and gratitude.

Instead, our time is mostly taken up by the things that we first thought were meaningful, but have now proven not to be meaningful enough to the sacrifices we’ve made. To the point where we feel we lost ourselves.

And in a way we have… We have become so engulfed in what is expected of us in our human lives that we have neglected that part of us that is beyond this 3-dimensional reality.

And this brings me to the key to unlocking your spiritual potential and why this is so damn crucial: