Finding Freedom - Spiritual & Practical Roadmap For A Life On Your Terms

>>The key to unlocking your spiritual potential is finding your way back to who you intrinsically are by knowing who you are as a Soul from Origination. From all your lifetimes ago. And more specifically: what your Soul’s unique attributes and Gifts are.

Knowing what your Soul’s unique’s blueprint is and how your Soul Divinely expresses itself best, will unlock your unique spiritual potential. Having this valuable piece of knowledge is the missing ingredient to creating your everyday life congruent with who YOU are, instead of living a life that keeps up with external circumstances.

It will tell you specifically what to focus on and how to do things.

It’s the spiritual part of the roadmap that will guide you through your life at any point.

Your Soul’s Gifts are not the same as your talents. And not the things that you are good at, or love doing. The Gifts are what you are made up off and how you came to express yourself. By complying with external demands over many lifetimes you may have gotten so far lost of these qualities that you have no idea what they are anymore.

No matter what new healing technique, self-help book, meditation, or new age hype you will implement, they won’t give you the tools to create the freedom, peace and satisfaction that comes with being and living congruent to your unique nature as a Divine Soul.

And not only that: living out of alignment costs massive amounts of vital force energy: hence your exhaustion and decline in motivation and enthusiasm about life. Becoming congruent will bring your vitality back!

Freedom, satisfaction, vitality, independence and fulfilment are natural symptoms of living a life expressing your authentic Soul’s desires.

This brings me immediately to our third point: what NOT to engage in to discover YOUR unique life.

For many lifetimes we have handed over our self-determination to our parents, partners, employers, and our governmental, religious, financial and educational systems.

For thousands of years, we are programmed to put our dreams to the site and to be of service to others and these systems. This served a purpose: it has kept us safe. We lived in communities and submitted to systems and structures to often literally protect our lives.

It is only in the last 30-40 years or so that we have had more societal freedom to be free and equal. But our patterns are ingrained, and our ancient behaviour runs through deep grooves that our individual minds and common senses seem to be stuck in. Many of these old beliefs and patterns are still running the show, mostly unconscious.


It’s more rule than exception for me to coach women that still find themselves (financially) dependent, having submitted to a less powerful state.

And the trouble is that often they started resenting their partner, and deep down, themselves. Blame, depression and divorce become symptoms of something that could have been turned around with awareness.

We have forgotten who we really are, why we are here, what our Gifts are and how powerful we are. We are far from living a life of unique self-expression, from living a life on our own terms.

Do you really think that we are here to ‘learn’ things? We are powerful beyond measure – we are the Divine – there is nothing ‘wrong’ with us.

We are here to experience ourselves through being separate from our One-ness.

We need mirrors and we need differences to be able to experience who we are.

We created human bodies and a 3-dimensional world to do so, as in Being One, one can’t experience itself.

This raises the question of why we live these tough, shallow and mediocre lives, knowing that we are really Divinity itself. And the answer, I think, lies in us having over-identified with our human experience.

We have forgotten who we are, living in the same systems and structures as one another for so long, and we sort of merged back into a ‘lower’ form of one-ness. And in these more ‘animalistic’ human bodies we are still surviving, rather than thriving as ‘Consciousness taken form for Self-expression’.

And of course: from deep inside there have been prompts to raise your awareness. Signposts that made you take another route and people you’ve met that felt destined.

You’ve felt the urge to raise your vibration and your vitality and you’ve probably taken many avenues to improve your awareness, health and well-being.

You’ve implemented healthy diets and exercises, meditation and spending time in nature. You’ve dived deep into the world of spiritual healing and probably learned some modalities yourself.

You’ve read books, listened to podcasts and attended seminars and retreats for answers. Implementing all that you’ve learned as best you could within the time that you had available. Maybe with some result, but let’s be real: you are far from the powerhouse that you could be!

All of these pieces of advice and recommendations are ‘others, telling you what to do’: they are their experiences of what worked for them. ‘Do as me’ can easily lead you down another system, boxing you in with yet another set of rules, adding more to your lengthy ‘to-do’ list.

What works for one Soul, might be the opposite of what works for your Soul.

Without knowing how your Soul gels, you are just throwing spaghetti on the wall. And we can do that for years, even decades. Heck, most people never get out of this situation.

Changing our circumstances and creating our own unique life asks us to disengage from everything that the external world throws at us and find out how our own Soul wants to express itself Divinely. It asks us to implement who we really are as a Soul in everyday 3-dimensional life.

What is the one thing that you absolutely need to bring to the table to pull this off?