Finding Freedom - Spiritual & Practical Roadmap For A Life On Your Terms

The one thing that you absolutely need to be able to create a life on your terms is taking 100% responsibility for the creation of your own experience.

You are a Spiritual Being that wants to experience yourself through a human form in a 3-dimensional world. However, you have been told for lifetimes what you should do and how you should live your life.

As said: these patterns are ingrained. Your current circumstances are a reflection of the results of your past (life) choices, whether they were conscious or not. And your future will be too.

But times have changed, and if you are still living by rules set by other people and circumstances, then that is now an (unconscious) choice. 

Taking back responsibility and ownership of your life is key. It means no more pointing to others and blaming them for their role in your life.

No more excuses that you can’t change your situation ‘as your husband/boss/society/parents/government doesn’t allow it’, or ‘the mortgage is too high’, or ‘the children are too young’, or ‘I don’t know what to do’ or ‘I am not strong or {… whatever…} enough’.

The fact is that you may believe all of these things – but they are not true – as we discussed before. You can make new choices at any time.

Once you learn how the choices and consequences from past lives still play a crucial role in your decision-making today you have the power to change direction.

Continuing a life that you don’t love is on you. And so is creating the life that you love!

Crucial is knowing who you are as a Spiritual Being, what your unique spiritual potential is and where and how you are out of alignment.

Only then can you make choices that are aligned with how you operate specifically.

What is good for one person, can be not so good or even detrimental for another. What you think is good might actually be causing your unhappiness. Choices in one area of your life can sabotage desired results in another.

Knowing your Soul’s Gifts will help you to implement the practical component of the roadmap of your life.

Your Soul's Gifts explain where and how to move forward with a lot less effort.

Instead of working harder and putting more things on your plate, you will create more flow and become more effective.

Clearing past life’s consequences will restore vital force energy and so does alignment with your Gifts.

Rather than struggling through life, you will start thriving. Instead of doing what you thought ‘is the right thing’, you will be doing the right thing for you

Knowing what your unique Soul’s Gifts are, will allow you to put a practical action plan in place that feels natural, free and joyful.

With these spiritual and practical components, you will be able to create a life of freedom, fulfilment, inner peace and deep satisfaction: life on your terms.

If you are ready for such a life and want to explore more, your first step is to book a Soul Realignment Reading and a Coaching Session with me. After these we can talk about how I can support you further if you wish.

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Erika Verhoeven