Learn how to navigate life’s challenges despite the hurdles thrown at you

by Erika Verhoeven


How can you can navigate life’s challenges despite constantly changing external circumstances and hurdles thrown at you? No matter where you are in the world, no matter what your beliefs are, your gender, color or profession is, you are affected by how your local authorities are handling global situations, and the constant bombardment of negative news. 

That is tough on many, and at the same time, many people are telling me about how they are reevaluating their life, making different choices and that they are actually in a pretty happy space. Despite what is going on around them: they experience a greater sense of freedom. 

Personally, I believe that our inner state of peace, happiness and freedom will ultimately change the direction of our human experience on this beautiful globe.

When you can bridge the gap of who you believe to be with who you really are, you will start to express who you are. You start to match your internal values with the external world. Therefore yóur external world will be a totally different experience to the one that matches the one that is a reflection of outdated beliefs…

If your internal state is strongly anchored in an absolute knowing that you are enough, good and worthy, nothing out there can change that.

What makes you shaky in the current circumstances is a belief that ‘they’ know better. Your subconscious mind is telling you that ‘they’ are in charge of ‘us’. Most likely these old beliefs stem from when you were a child and needed to survive. And probably from earlier lifetimes as well.

As an adult however you have a choice of healing outdated programming and installing healthy supportive new beliefs, ones that empower you to be the best version of yourself. 

And with that we will change the world in one that celebrates the unique gifts that each of us have to offer. A new world in which we are valued for our personal contributions. Where we can be different instead of a product of cookie cutter education. One where we live in harmony and can see that everyone’s unique talents contribute to the whole. Where no one is less deserving because we can recognise the wholeness in the other. If everyone is deserving, seen and celebrated, we can heal, grow and love together. 

For years we have heard that you had ‘to find your purpose’. Have you noticed that the narrative is finally changing and that more people are starting to recognise that our soul’s purpose is simply to be who we truly are and to experience our divinity within our humanity?

And therefore nothing needs to be ‘done’. Well: of course the work to undo all the programming, heal the wounds, learn to trust and love again. A beautiful process of truly discovering who you are.

‘What about the external hurdles?’, you ask? Once you learn to focus on what you do want in your life, on how you want to feel and when you become that person, the external circumstances might still be there, but they won’t affect you in the same old way. 

When your focus is on the red Jeep you desperately want, you suddenly see red Jeeps everywhere. And in the same way that you are not aware of how whole parts of society are living, as they are not in your point of interest, you also won’t notice so much what is going on in the realms of global events. Are you continuously thinking about people that go without shelter and/or food? No: only when you are one of them or working in these fields.

If you are focusing on the life that you are creating for yourself, that is a reflection of who you are, you are no longer interested in following the fear/anger narrative in the world. You are seeking and finding people to build a new world with. And consequently you become part of the solution in a peaceful way. Being a lightning example along the way. 

Is it easy? No, of course not. Simple? Yes. It requires the willingness to do the work of letting go of who you are not, or not longer want to be or live like. The willingness to heal, grow and let go. And the enthusiasm to rebuild. 

I hope you feel the inspiration to withdraw your attention from the external world for a while and bring your attention inside. Tend in – intention. Grow and develop, become the person that you truly are. Start living like the person of your dream-future-life does. Inspire the people around you. We cán change the narrative. And the world. 

If you feel like you can use a little help to get you started, to navigate the emotions of these times, to learn the tools required to reprogram the subconscious mind, to refocus, grow, heal and be held, please reach out as I am currently offering an affordable short 5 week Coaching & Healing program to help people navigate these muddy waters. Click the banner on top of the website for more information or contact me through my contact form. 

I hope that this article has helped and inspired you to start navigating away from these challenging times, that you are confident to take those hurdles and I wish for you to be part of the new beautiful inspiring new world that is unfolding.


Would you like to find out about how I support people in letting go of their outdated patterns, embracing who they are at the level of the Soul, and creating a life where they express their uniqueness in abundance and freedom?  CLICK HERE to learn about how I can partner with you on your transformational journey.

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