Recover from burnout by trusting your body

by Erika Verhoeven

If you have given everything there was to give and now there is nothing left – you just feel absolutely empty and exhausted – I’d like to explain one of the steps that you can take towards healing or preventing burnout.
If you are professional ‘giver’ – a health care professional, healer or coach – or a parent – and you have reached a point where you feel burnt-out, you need to learn to trust your body to heal itself again. Your body holds the actual keys.
You might feel disappointed towards your body: as it is your body’s exhaustion that has stopped you in your tracks. Has it ‘failed’ you though? Or has it forced you to stop to take stock, in time…?
Your body has an amazing capacity to heal and powerful shifts are possible once you allow your body to release the blockages that you have created earlier in life.
At any point in life where you have experienced strong emotions but did not release those in a normal and healthy way, the biochemistry of these specific emotions stayed ‘stuck’ in the cel receptors – rather than being eliminated through the normal systems of your body. 
Most of us have pushed down our emotions. We did not get a guidebook ‘How to handle emotions’, and our parents usually neither. Plus when our brains were still developing we had no way of judging our environment correctly. And as long as we are looking at life through the blueprint that was formed through the lenses of ‘assumptions’, we will never be good judges of ‘the truth’. 
We did not understand that our grumpy mum was not angry at us, when we were happily singing away really (really) early in the morning. Her: ‘Shut up please!’, might have caused us to not freely express our happiness for the rest of our life though.
It could have caused you to shut down your throat chakra, become very ‘of the mind’ and create anxiousness and/or depression overtime.
Does that sound dramatic?
The stored biochemicals can overtime create dis-ease as they block normal cell functionality. The event itself can create thoughts (assumptions) that can create beliefs, that influence our choices and therefor our life.
In the above example you might have become a mummy-pleaser – later an everyone-pleaser, to keep the peace or to get what you want. Giving, giving and giving?
One way to release blockages is accessing what we call ‘cell memory’. Through guided visualisation we can access these stored biochemicals and with the insights of the adult that you are now you can rephrase the event. With your forgiveness of what happened so long ago, the cells releases their stored content and the body starts to heal. 
It is not so easy, without any mind chatter or judgement, to see for yourself what is going on, as you look at yourself through the blueprint of those same blockages and negative beliefs. 
Sometimes it will help to work with an intuitive coach for whom it is easier to pick up on where your blockages are and originate from. It is like having someone who is able to look through the windows of yòu and see what’s really going on. It will provide you with insights as to how your past has created the unhealthy patterns that got you into burnout.
Releasing the past will start the healing process and the effects of burnout in your body, and it will clear old patterns and therefor free up the ability to make healthier choices and create a different future.
When you are suffering from burnout, you deserve to get help. You have given so much… you have done enough and you don’t need to figure out your ‘own stuff’. It is time to give to yourself now and find the right help.
I hope that this article explains the power that your own body holds and the ability to heal itself. I has left you breadcrumbs to follow… and I hope you trust your body to show you how to heal from burnout.


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