What is channelled healing energy?

by Erika Verhoeven

What is channelled healing energy?

This is a question I often receive and I’d like to try and shed a little light on it in this article.

Energy healing is a huge topic and here I just want to bring it down to how I work specifically. I am assuming you are already familiar with the terms energy, channelling, frequency, light language etc. If not: hit me up with a question!

So: what happens when I channel healing energy? Simply said: I tune into the high-frequency energies of the 10th, 11th and 12th dimensions by opening a portal and becoming a conduit.

These portals sometimes open spontaneously when I connect with sacred or very old sites, trees, rocks etc. This happened recently when I met the oldest Larix of Europe in Zwitserland (see the picture above). It also happens when I connect with people who are resonating with a high frequency.

I have lived many past lives working with nature and energy as a healer, oracle, druid, medicine-person and probably many more, and I am able to become a conduit and bring these high frequencies in through my physical presence.

When the energy is high enough, high-frequency beings can also ‘come in’ and channel healing energy through this conduit. They can only lower their energy so much, and not to our 3 and 4D, and meeting us ‘halfway’ they can offer us their assistance. This energy comes through in various expressions of light language.

Why does this benefit my clients?

When I work with a client this process reconnects the client with their ‘original soul’. I realise this sounds a bit vague… What I feel is that we had an original intention as a ‘beginning’ soul. As that soul we have incarnated in many lives, trying to express that specific intent. In our human experience, we have made choices aligned with our mission, but many that were not. Life upon life we have been dealing with those misalignments, at the same time trying to follow our original soul’s intention.

Multiple past life’s unresolved issues and traumas, caused by these misalignments, have created patterns, beliefs and results that counteract each other and make life more complicated than needed, and often plain difficult and painful. It also made healing through a cognitive approach only nearly impossible.

When I channel this powerful high-frequency healing energy these intertwined energetic ties untangle and a clear connection with the ‘original soul’ gets established.

This not only shortens my client’s healing process significantly but also avoids reliving and going through the stories of the past, and instead receiving the insights, creating understanding and compassion and allowing my client to move forward quite rapidly. 

Of course: after a session, they will need to be vigilant, as their patterns aren’t immediately dissolved in the 3D world, as our physical world responds a lot slower! They need to be aware of making choices that support their intent, be true to themselves, and their world will slowly align with their soul’s original intention. Life will become easier and more naturally aligned with abundance and joy.

Every session is different as it is very specific to what the client is ready to receive and let go of at that point in their life.

I am clairvoyant (seeing things), claircognizant (knowing things), clairsentient (recognising feelings) and clairaudient (hearing things). This of course helps tremendously to pick up a lot of information during client sessions: I ‘translate’ what comes through so that my clients can understand and integrate their healing and make more supportive choices in their life.

Establishing the original soul connection and unravelling their past enables my clients to move forward in life with intention, greater intuition and deeper wisdom.

I hope this has helped a little to explain the value and effect of channelled healing energy! If you have any questions or would like to book a session: erika@erikaverhoeven.com


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