Why is it important to align with a high frequency?

by Erika Verhoeven


In this blog post, I’d like to explain why it is important to align with a much higher frequency than most of us have been living. If you want a different life than you have now I hope this article gets you on your way.

Every creation in your current reality, in your life, holds you to a particular field in the quantum field (that mysterious energetic field where All is One). Your whole existence has been originated from where you once were: your thoughts, your beliefs, how you saw yourself and your level of worthiness created the expression that is your life now. That specific frequency – of you – created your past and your present and will create your future if you don’t change anything.

Everything you have created or manifested in your life also holds that frequency signature of that creation. Let me give you an example: if you earn your income through a job that you hate, that money holds that energetic vibration. Spending or investing that money might not go as fluently as you’d hoped. Money earned from a job that you love contains different energy and is more likely to keep flowing. Whatever you spend that money on is more likely to bring you more joy.

Another example. A relationship that you entered when you were insecure, had low self-worth or when you just did not feel good about yourself, might have fulfilled a specific need at the time. The vibration of that relationship is very different than if you would have entered that relationship from a place of feeling confident and empowered. We can say that the other person in this relationship matched your original vibration. You are also fulfilling a need for the other. You can understand that these two different expressions of you hold the potential for two very different timelines with different outcomes.

So: what was your intention when you accepted that job? 
What did you hope, need or want when you entered that relationship? 
Why do/did you want children? 

And how does ‘the return on your investment’ work for you so far….?

If you don’t re-evaluate your life now and then, you will pretty much evolve on that same (unconsciously chosen) timeline: that particular field in the quantum. Where the people around you and the situations in your life match those thoughts, values and beliefs of the past.

However: you can consciously choose to jump timelines. You’ve guessed it: change your thoughts and beliefs, raise the level of worthiness and you are on your way. That often happens automatically as we grow and learn through the experiences that we have in our lives. We get better jobs, a nicer house, a higher income and better quality relationships. Ideally, the people already in our lives grow with us, sometimes sadly we have to part.

I’d like to take it a bit further. If you become aware of this process you can speed it up significantly. Rather than (only) 3D manifestation (working towards a goal, sabotaged by unconscious beliefs and thoughts), we can use the quantum field’s higher frequencies to manifest much more profoundly.

Rather than giving your power away and expecting someone else to fill a gap or a need, or fix your life for you, you will make empowered decisions based on what you decide that is good for you in the life that you envision for yourself. 

When you spend your money you can send it on its way with the beautiful intent behind it to bring you more beauty, knowledge and empowerment. When you enter relationships there is the excitement of sharing and co-creating an even more beautiful world. You are taking responsibility for your life rather than allowing yourself to be held hostage to victimhood.

You will find that once you learn how to realign with these higher frequencies you will attract the people in your life that hold and share the same values and beliefs as you. You’ll meet and ‘click’ instantly and have deep and meaningful connections. Opportunities suddenly arise where you know deep inside that ‘they are yours’.  Rather than going after what you want (3D), they ‘appear’. Life becomes a smoother experience as you are more and more aligned with your ideals and values.

If you choose to align with a field in the quantum that represents truth, love and wholeness, all holding very high energetic frequencies, you align yourself with a very different timeline. Your life will become an effortless expression of it and the vision that you hold consciously of your future will become reality while you are living a more joyous and exciting life.

Of course there are many more reasons to align with a high frequency: high frequencies help to heal tissue, release fear and guilt, repairs DNA and awakens intuition, amongst a whole other range of phenomena outside our 3D experience. That is for another time.

 I hope that this article helped explain why it is important for us all to align with a much higher frequency than most of us have been living from. You can consciously choose for a life full of love, truth and wholeness. It is a powerful way to change not only our lives but also the lives of the people around us ánd our existence on this beautiful planet.


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